Sexy Cosplay of the week- Tora-rin

You come here every day for entertainment news, but every Friday you come here looking to indulge in the high concept loveliness of some true cosplay artists who go to great lengths to fully assume the appearance of some of the coolest video game and anime characters. Well bless your heart and thank the stars, cause it’s that special time of the week once more. It’s time for the Nerd bastardsSexy Cosplay of the Week.

This week we’re going with a California girl – Tora-rin.

The secret clone of X-play‘s Morgan Webb (we surmise), Tora-rin is the very definition of cosplay done right and she is always looking to meet new people, Tora-rin currently studies biology and Japanese while mixing it up at conventions all over the state.

While her body of work isn’t as large as some of the other cosplayers that we’ve featured in the past, Tora-rin makes up for it with sheer talent. Just look at her Yuuka Kazami from Touhou or Dynasty Warriors Seven‘s Wang Yuanji and see how hard she works at crafting everything. Tora-rin isn’t afraid to crossplay either, having tricked both sexes while under the guise of several male anime characters in the past.

Tora-rin is the cosplayer who can do no wrong, see how right we are in the jump.

Check out more of Tora-rin at Deviant art, World Cosplay or her Facebook page for more.