Cosplaying is hard, but well worth the effort when hanging out in your awesome outfit on the street or at a convention. Most people think cosplaying is just for anime conventions, but the truth is, you can cosplay anyone, even your favorite band member or celebrity.


1.First, firmly decide who you want to cosplay. Do you just want a costume to wear around town, for fun, or do you want to wear it to an Anime Convention or other big event? For the former you may want to choose a character with a simpler outfit, however, if you do not mind strange stares and/or possible harassment, then feel free to go all out. For the latter, any costume will work, although unique costumes are more likely to stand out.

2.Decide how you want to go about getting your costume. Consider your budget and time allowance. If you're short on time, making your costume from scratch may not be the best idea. Keep in mind that makeup and getting the perfect hairdo (regardless if it's your own hair or a wig) also takes time.

3.If you have decided a character/person to cosplay and choose to make the costume yourself; it's a good start to make a list of what you have to make, how you shall make it and what you need to buy in order to make it. For example, if your character is wearing a jacket and pants; what color are they? Which kind of fabric should you use? Are the clothes baggy or tight?

4.No matter if you buy the costume, you probably have hair, make up and maybe even lenses to buy and fix. Study your characters hair, eye color, and shape of face. Shall you use a wig or not? How should you style your hair? What kind of make up would be fitting and make your face look more like the character? Do you need colored lenses? It would be a good idea to read a little about how to change the shape of your face with make up. Don't forget props.

5.It helps to sketch up your character from different angles. It gives you a good view on how the character really looks. Write up your measurements on the sketch and try to figure out what the costumes measurements should be. If the character has any props, a weapon or just a bag for example, sketch them up too.

6.Decide how much time (and money) you should spend on making the costume. The more difficult and detailed the costume is, the more time you'll need to make it. Give yourself more time than you think you need and be really realistic. Also, give yourself a little extra time to fix any eventual mistakes. It's better to have it done early than to have an unfinished costume. Decide in what order you should make everything you need.

7.Practice on the make up, taking and out the lenses and fixing your hair (or the wig). It will take time to make it good, so be patient and try different methods and products.

8.When everything is done, put everything on and look in the mirror. Do you look like the character/person? If no, try to figure out why and consider making some changes. It's a good idea to ask a friend or someone else you trust if you look like the character and what you could change. Tell them to be honest, that's why you're asking.

9.Be confident cosplaying. If you want, you could practice poses the character does a lot. You could also study the way the character walk and/or move, and try to imitate it. It's completely optional.

10.Make your grand debut! Whether your walking around town, or a party, or a convention, make sure you're having fun with it!

11.Have fun with it! If you don't have fun, you're not cosplaying the right way!

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