Do you or your friends love to dress up or act like an anime or manga character? This is cosplaying, and it's becoming very popular with foreign anime fans. Starting a cosplay group can help you find new friends that are interested in the same things as you! It is also a great way to broaden your horizons and go wild, and the members might even have anime recommendations for you! If you make the costumes, it will help you learn how to sew and pay attention to details. You might even make some pocket money from entertainment! See how much cosplay groups benefit? Here's how to get started!


1.Think of a name. Try something catchy, and possibly from a popular anime, like uzumakipro. Doing this will probably get you more members who recognize the title you chose.
2.Make an official YouTube channel, deviantART club, Facebook, and optionally a website. Doing this may get you more members over the Internet, and club members will be able to communicate easily.

3.Make costumes. This is the point of the club! Buying them online is very expensive, so you could always try sewing them by hand or with a sewing machine.

4.Film some skits and photo shoots and upload them to YouTube. Who knows, the funny version of Hare Hare Yukai you and your friends filmed may become viral!

5.Upload the Pictures from the first photo shoot to deviantART.

6.Go to anime conventions and publicize the group! This is also a great way to buy new things that are hand-made by anime fans. check for your local anime conventions

7.Make a goal for the group. Don't just make your goal something easy, but try something challenging such as "We will make a website by the end of the year."

8.Try doing skits at places if possible.


  • Keep your club alive and breathing. Doing new things everyday and bringing snacks like Pocky and Hello Panda will help.
  • If your club is at school, get a teacher that stays a little bit later to sponsor it.
  • try making original web series.
  • Be polite to other members
Article : Wikihow