Do you want to cosplay an original character for Naruto or Shugo Chara? Do you just want to make a Tenten, Temari, Or Amu cosplay without spending $100 or more? Well then, read the following article.

1.Go to a nearby fabric store and buy fabric you need for your cosplay. For example, if your original character has a brown shirt that is frizzy, feel every fabric until you find what you have. If your original character has black shorts, find black fabric. If you can't just use black jeans and add some things your original character has on their pants. Be sure to study your character. And make sure when you buy the fabric, that you have enough to make into something that will fit you.

2.Go to the thrift store! you can find a lot of your clothes there. You can cut them up, sew some together. And do almost anything. :)

3.Fix your hair like the person you are cosplaying as. If you don't have the same hair color as that person, you can dye it, borrow a wig, buy a wig, or even make your own. (Dying your hair is fairly permanent after all)

4.If your Character has a tattoo, have a really good artist that you know, draw it on. Or if you can find temporary tattoos that look like it, use those.

5.Before you begin to put your outfit together, sketch it out. And be sure to measure yourself and the clothes!

6.You can look up parts of you shirts, pants, etc. to print out and trace on to your clothe, remember to make sure it fits!

7.Finally, after your hard work, put on your cosplay and wear it proudly.

  • Save up your money to buy more fabric if you want to make another cosplay.
  • Get a friend or relative to help you, while they're making cosplay for themselves.
  • If you're going to make your own cosplay for a convention, make sure you do it a few months before the convention! Making cosplay takes some time.
Article : Wikihow