Cosplay, the performance art of costumed role playing, often requires a wig for complete accuracy, especially for the costumes that have very odd or very complex hairstyles or hair colors that are difficult to reproduce with real hair. The use of a wig can make it easier for the wearer of the cosplay costume to dress up without spending hours on their hair every time they want to wear a costume or to change hairstyles to their character's costumes without changing their personal hair style preferences.


1.Purchase a wig that has longer hair than the cosplay costume requires, but is the appropriate color. The excess hair will allow for style changes. Place the wig on the mannequin head before starting the style process.

2.Look at the reference picture for the hair design. Cosplay hair designs, especially those based on manga and anime characters, can be very complex, with individual strands standing out at odd angles. Pay close attention to the reference picture so you can plan the entire wig styling process.

3.Pin back most of the hair. It is easiest to style a wig in sections, especially when spikes or other oddities are needed, than to try cutting and styling with all the hair in the way. Starting from the bottom layers of hair or the front is ideal.

4.Cut the hair in the appropriate lengths according to your reference picture. Keep in mind that some cosplay hairstyles will have very differing lengths, such as long in the front and short in the back, with random long strands in the short sections. Pay attention to the picture and cut to the appropriate lengths, using the mannequin head as a guide. If the style requires some side strands cut to chin length, use the mannequin head as your guide.

5.Spray the wig with hairspray while you're working. If it needs large spikes, form each spike while cutting and spray it liberally with hairspray until it stays exactly as formed. You may have to use a great deal of hairspray for the most complex styles.

6.Work from the bottom up or from the front backward until you've completed the entire wig in a style that resembles your reference picture. Keep in mind that oddities like weird stiff strands of hair that look like antennae or odd curls that stick out should be executed last to shape them properly and combine them with the rest of the hairstyle.

With some patience, attention to detail and a lot of hairspray, you can make cosplay wigs to enhance any characters you choose to enact.

Article : Ehow